Audit Central, Auditing for Australian Businesses

Audit Central is much more than just an auditing tool or Auditing software. It’s also the key to managing risk and maintaining consistency across all your locations. Audit Central is the most versatile and comprehensive risk management platform available. It allows you to perform audits, collect secret shopper feedback and create almost any form. All the data you collect is pulled into reports that you can customize to your preferences and needs.

Audit Central allows you work smarter and not harder, without sacrificing quality. Audit Central is a great fit for businesses with multiple locations. It has a simple interface and requires little to no training.

We love these features!

Questions with weighted answers: Not all questions are created equal. It assigns different importance levels to different questions by adding different values to the questions. This is particularly important when audit items are critical. If they aren’t followed, it could lead to disaster. However, other items may have minor consequences. You can create better audits and make more informed decisions with weighted questions.

You can create custom reports: With the custom report builder, you have complete control over what information is important and what isn’t. To better present your valuable data, you can make charts, tables, and modify settings and configurations as you wish.

To simplify scheduling, create recurring tasks. You can ensure that you accurately assess performance and can track performance trends over time by setting up recurring tasks.

Filing upload restrictions: Incorrect submissions are the worst thing that could happen during an audit. You can toggle on “restrict file upload camera” to make sure only photos taken in that moment are uploaded. This will give you peace of mind and help to avoid making mistakes.

You can add action items to the audit to let the user know there are improvement areas. This allows you to avoid the hassle and time spent scheduling a chat to discuss improvement areas.

This module is right for you.

Today, compliance and risk management are more important than ever. Businesses can’t function if they don’t comply with regulations and rules from outside. This doesn’t take into consideration the consequences of brand inconsistencies. Audit Central will ensure that you don’t have to worry again about operational, compliance, or inconsistencies. Audit Central gives your business the ability to grow and provides the confidence you need to manage it. Op Central also offers a business LMS for Australian businesses.

What happens if there is a compliance violation? Your business may have to close down, or your brand could be damaged. Or you might lose customers. These things can all be very bad for your business, and they are all avoidable.

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