Frequently Asked Questions

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Can anyone access the catalogues on Catalogue Central?

Yes. Catalogue Central is a FREE site available to anyone with access to the Internet. There is no need to install any programs.

Why would I become a Catalogue Central member?

Although anyone can access all of our catalogues, members can ensure they never miss out on a sale by storing their favourite brands in their MyCatalogues profile. Each time members log in, the latest catalogues from their favoured brands will instantly appear. Members will also get an instant email sent to them as soon as new catalogues from their favourite brands arrive, meaning they're the first to know about a sale!

How do I become a member and does it cost?

There is absolutely no cost in becoming a member. All you need to provide is a minute or two of your time and your details.

What about privacy?

Your privacy is incredibly important to us. No information or personal details entered on the website will ever be used or collected for any other purpose other than to provide YOU with the most relevant choice of catalogues. We don't sell personal details EVER. For more details checkout our privacy page.

Can I shop online at Catalogue Central?

While Catalogue Central allows you to browse through catalogues, many of our retailers’ catalogues will include a BUY button next to each product. This link will direct you to the retailers’ website where you can buy online. Catalogue Central does not have its own online shop.

How do I find a product if I'm not sure which brand sells it?

When browsing Catalogue Central you can either choose to look at the latest catalogues from big name brands or you can click through to categories such as “electronics” to find what you're looking for. You can also just type in what you're searching for in the search box (i.e. camera), and a list of every catalogue matching your search will appear.

How do I change my brand preferences?

You can add or remove catalogue brand preferences at any time. Just log in and click on my details page. Or once logged in, simply click on the + icon attached to any catalogue to add it to your preferences. You can view your current catalogues any time by going to the My Catalogues page.

How do I get my brand's catalogue onto Catalogue Central?

Getting your catalogue online is simple! Just contact our friendly Sales Department on 03 9420 1080 or email

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